Friday, October 01, 2004

October Newsletter 2004 Cox 2 Inhibiters

FHN Complementary Medicine Monthly Newsletter October 2004

Cox 2 inhibitors

Editors note: This was going to be my October newsletter before the news of Vioxx came out. Timing is everything.

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We often get asked if there is any alternative to the vioxx and celebrex that patients are taking for their arthritis pain. While they might be getting some pain relief many did not like the side effects of the drug. With the worst being GI and respiratory. The other problem are the studies that show long term use may actually increase the arthritic degeneration.

We have a product called Zyflamend that we have been using that is a combination of 10 herbs all with some cox 2 activity. Being whole herbs each one also have synergistic activity involved.

The herbs are listed as follows with some of the synergistic properties:

Holy Basil reduces inflammation and supports liver detox pathways by increasing glutithione S- transferase.

Tumeric anti inflammatory antioxidant. Also works with green tea in cell protection. (ie chondrocytes)

Ginger anti inflammatory and helps other herbs absorb.

Green Tea highly anti inflammatory and supports joint function

Rosemary anti inflammatory and supports liver detox function

Hu Zhang anti inflammatory and has reseratorol (the healthy ingredient in red wines.)

Barberry anti inflammatory ,cell protection and anti viral activity

Chinese Goldthread similar to Barberry

Oregano anti inflammatory supports normal platelet function

Scutellaria anti inflammatory , antioxidant and aids in detox pathways.

The herbs are in a capsule in an olive oil base.

Additionally to the joint pain usage there is a study with this product showing reduction in prostate inflammation and tumor reduction.

We hope this helps some of the pain management for people especially in light of the Vioxx news.


Drs. Glenn and Julie Smith

Complementary Medicine