Sunday, June 03, 2001

June 2001 Newsletter

FHN Complementary Medicine Monthly Newsletter June 2001

As a method of informing people in the network more about what Comp. Med. does, we are initiating a monthly newsletter. We hope to inform of different options for different problems. You may not always agree….thats OK, maybe we’ll stimulate a dialogue that will be beneficial to all.

This month we’ll talk about the use of ACUPUNCTURE AND HERBS IN SMOKING CESSATION.

No statistical diatribe is necessary on the dangers and problems with smoking. If you smoke you know the dangers!!!

Let’s first look at the program that we use at Comp. Med.

The program is three fold:

1. Acupuncture (with needles)…they are very small!

2. Herbal/Homeopathic Therapy

3. Behavior Modification

Let’s look at each part individually, it is important to understand what each can and can’t do.

Acupuncture: We do 3 treatments over 7-10 days. We insert the needles in the lower arm and ears and leave them for 10-15 minutes. The first visit we will also insert an ear tac that can stay in the ear for several days to provide additional stimulation.

If you look at the studies on acupuncture and smoking you get a mixed review, however, even the studies that show “no long term “ effect of acupuncture in smoking cessation, show that it does give an increase in short term cessation. Which is exactly how we use acupuncture, as a tool for the physical addiction stage of stopping. It can also help with some of the metabolic changes (ie weight gain) that take place due to the drug withdrawal.

Herbs/Homeopathic: We use an homeopathic product called nico-end. As it is homeopathic it does not have any active nicotine. We use it as a way to help with the initial cravings that some may have. We use this product for approximately two weeks.

Behavior Modification: As the physical addiction to nicotine ends in 3-7 days after stopping the drug, most long term benefits have to come from behavior modification (changing a habit). We’ll discuss different strategies for long term habit formation.

We have set a package price of $200.00 for the three treatments and herbs.

Our network insurance covers this program at 80%.

This is limited two programs per member per lifetime.

The allowed amount will be reimbursed to you after successfully completing the program.

We have found that if we do all three of these strategies YOU can be successful in stopping smoking.

So start enjoying a whole new life!!!!!!

Dr. Julie and Glenn Smith

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