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August 2003 Newsletter

FHN Complementary Medicine Monthly Newsletter August 2003

We were recently asked about alternative care treatment for MS. That is a big question and treatment would be somewhat dependent on the progression of the disease.

Let me give you some general overviews to our approach.

As etiology of the disease is unknown we have to look at some of the theories, from secondary viral destruction of the myelin sheath, to allergy, to autoimmune. Diagnosis and treatment is aimed at those areas plus treatment of any deficits caused by the MS.

First we remove all nutrasweet (Nutrasweet can mimic neurotransmitters in the brain)

We look at allergic load.

We use an ELISA blood test and test 96 foods for IgE and IgG (immediate and delayed sensitivities). Treatment is aimed at elimination of allergen, desentisation,

gut permeability, and restoration of gut flora.

We look at possible other metabolic blocks:

Typically we look at heavy metal exposure. We prefer a hair assay as this can look at exposures that are more that 72 hours old. We just had a patient who had a diagnosis of MS that we found with high Arsenic. Her well water was tested and found to have high amounts. We have started a chelation (oral) treatment and the patients’ symptoms have abated.

We need to down regulate the immune response:

This dovetails with the allergies as we look at gut permeability (we have a test that involves taking a loaded dose of a large molecule that is normally not absorbed and measuring excretion in saliva, urine, and stool. We also may need to look at systemic candidiasis as an immune upregulator.

Demylenation needs to be supported with fatty acid supplementation

Antioxidant functions needs to be supported.

Here are some of the products that we would use.

Plant sterols (moducare) for immune system

Chinese Herbs for virus’ (viral aid)

Reduced glutithione (recancostat) for antioxidant




Flax oil

Phosphatidyl Serine

Acupuncture and auricular acupuncture can help both immune system and some symptoms.

Moderate (not hard) activity

Drs. Glenn & Julie Smith

Complementary Medicine

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