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Gerd Alternatives December 2006

FHN Complementary Medicine Monthly Newsletter December 2006

GERD Alternatives

With the holiday season approaching , some of us…… not all, might have a tendency to over eat causing a problem with those who have GERD. An interesting study was just published in the Journal of Pineal Research (2006; 41(3):195-200).

A total of 351 patients with symptoms of GERD were divided into two groups. One group was given 20mg of omeprazole (Prilosec) and one group was given a mixture of melatonin (6 mg), B-6 (25 mg), L tryptophan (200mg), B-12 (50 ug), methionine (100 mg), betaine (100mg), and folic acid (10mg). They had a pharmacy put all the ingredients in one capsule that was identical to the Prilosec. One capsule a day for 40 days was taken.

Results were measured by symptom score and endoscopic exam.

The results….. drum roll please. After 7 days the supplement group reported symptom relief and after 40 days, 100% of the supplement group reported total remission of symptoms. This compares to the omeprazole group that took 9 days for symptom relief and 65.7% had regression after 40 days. The supplement patients reported far fewer side effects, with the only side effect being somnolence.

Endoscopic studies showed complete healing of ulcers after 9months in the supplement group.

An interesting side study was done. After the study was over the 34% that failed on the drug arm were crossed over and given the supplements. 100% of that group reported all symptoms disappeared in 40 days. Some food for thought!!! Pun intended!

May you have a blessed and wonderful holiday season!

Drs. Glenn and Julie Smith

Complementary Medicine

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