Monday, March 03, 2008

When you're Hot your Hot March 2008

FHN Complementary Medicine Monthly Newsletter March 2008

When your hot your hot!!!

Cold and Flu season has certainly been with us this winter. The CDC just released a study stating that this particular flu vaccine has not been as effective as previous years. Many have suffered the ravages of the cold and flu with fever being one of the major symptoms. So what do you do, reach for the Tylenol or aspirin, or ibuprofen and break that nasty fever, right?

We have been preaching for years that fever is your friend. Here are some studies to back that up.

In a randomized controlled trial “volunteers” where given intranasal rhinovirus type2. They were then given aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or placebo. Those given the antipyretics had longer viral shedding (were contagious longer), had worse turbinate swelling, and nasal obstruction. Two other recent studies with rhinovirus had similar results.

Another study with influenza A showed that those given antipyretics where sick an average 3.5 days longer than those that did not.

We are not saying that you don’t treat the fever if it becomes inappropriate. The definition of inappropriate needs to be set between you and your medical provider.

We are also not saying do nothing. Keep the body hydrated and electrolyted. Calcium and magnesium will help keep the fever modulated (but not turned off), as well as help with some of the body aches. Homeopathic cold and flu can help shorten the course of the illness.

So when it’s cold outside enjoy the HEAT!!


Drs. Glenn and Julie Smith

Complementary Medicine

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