Monday, December 01, 2008

Tis The Season of the Heart

FHN Complementary Medicine Monthly Newsletter December 2008

Tis the season of the Heart

It is the holiday season where we turn our hearts to peace and goodwill toward men. What better time to talk about the heart. The heart in Chinese physiology obviously moves the blood around the body but also is the store house of the emotions. When the balance of the five emotions (joy, grief, worry, fear, and anger) is not there, it is reflected in our physical and emotional well being. We get palpitations, depression, and immune system depression just to name a few. Just as when blood doesn’t flow smoothly, it causes physical problems. When the emotions don’t flow smoothly, it prevents you from moving forward in life.

The Chinese are constantly striving to balance the physical and emotional aspect to bring about healing the whole person.

So in this month of celebrating Christmas let’s strive for a balance in food, drink, rest, and emotion.

May you be filled with peace, joy, and love this holiday!


Dr. Glenn, Dr. Julie, Julie, Linda, Amanda

Complementary Medicine

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